Moth Proofing Pantry Houses

Have you ever seen small insects frequently seen flying in zigzag patterns in your pantry? The pantry moth also known as the Indian meal moth, often regarded as the most annoying bug infesting stored foodstuffs. They prey on all cereals, whole grains, dried fruits, pet treats, bird seed, dry milk, and nuts. The larvae cause damage by spinning silken threads as they eat and move, tying the food particles together.

Pantry moth larvae can chew cardboard. They’re also harder to get rid of after they’ve contaminated an area. This is why moth control is very important before they cause any harm to your health. However, eating food contaminated with these moths or their larvae will not transmit any disease but it may induce abdominal discomfort. In this blog, we’ll discuss some moth control steps you can consider to keep moths away from your pantry other than getting help from the moth control specialists.

Steps to deal with pantry moth infestation

  • Dispose moth infested food

If you discover a pantry moth infestation, you must discard all food stored in bags and boxes. Take special note on cereal and grain-based goods such as cereals, oats, flour, pasta, etc. Moths cannot get through canned products. But since the moths can lay eggs on the can’s edges, the cans should be cleaned. When buying fresh food to replace out-dated, store it in the refrigerator or freezer until all indications of pantry moths have been removed.

  • Examine adjoining rooms

If you’ve had a pantry moth infestation for a while, the problem has most likely spread. Majority of people have discovered those in closets and adjacent rooms. Focus on areas where ceilings and walls meet at a right angle. Check around door frames and window trim, which all give a perfect location for pupae to form cocoons. If you find them elsewhere in your home, vacuum them up, then spray and quickly wipe the surface with a 50-50 vinegar and water mixture to eliminate any eggs.

  • Regular Deep Clean

Pantry moths, mostly found in the smallest of cracks, such as the crevices of canned foods and other containers. Wash up all the jars and cans with soap and water. Carefully vacuum the pantry or cupboard, giving specific attention to corners and gaps. You may need to use a toothpick to ensure that no eggs or larvae are trapped within. Replace the vacuum bag or dump the canister outside when you’re over. If you have shelf paper, remove and replace it with fresh goods. Wipe out shelves with a bleach solution, followed by rinsing with soap and water.

  • Place Mothproofing Traps

Pesticides don’t work well on pantry moths and aren’t safe to use in areas the food is stored. However, you can get sticky moth traps at any nearby pest control store. These traps emit pheromones to attract male moths. Once inside, the moth adheres to the stickiness and dies. This prevents the pantry moths from mating, which means you won’t have any new eggs to deal with while fighting the infestation. While traps will not clear all of them, they will help you monitor the infestation.

  • Use airtight containers for storage

Any food item that comes in bags or cardboard cartons should be stored in airtight containers. Remember that anything that isn’t in a bottle or a can might be a food source or breeding place for pantry moths in the future. Coffee cans work well as food storage containers. Foods that will not be utilized soon should be kept in the freezer. If you prefer glass jars, look for ones with air-tight hermetic seals.

Let our experts assist you with moth control for a moth free pantry

You now have a better understanding of mothproofing your pantry. We hope that these simple measures will keep moths away from your pantry and property. However, home remedies aren’t always enough to keep a moth infestation at bay. If this is the case, you should definitely think about getting a pest control service done to deal with the infestation.

Choosing Pest Control Mountain Creek moth control service offers you the assurance that the infestation will be addressed and eradicated. We have registered, trained, and skilled pest control experts. They have years of expertise providing excellent customer service. Furthermore, we assist you in obtaining high-quality moth control services at extremely reasonable prices. Reach out to us and allow our professionals to do the job.